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Who we are and what we do

We are a group of international hackers.

We do IT security work. We are not for hire. All of our work is for the public.

We research and publish tools and academic papers to expose fishy IT security that just isn’t secure. We also develop and publish tools to help the IT Security movement.

Free Services

Active Projects


Our Greatest Hit’s:

2023 - Disposable Root Servers (
2022 - SSH-IT
2021 - Global Socket
2020 - THC's Cheat Sheet
2019 - Security advise for non-hackers and rebellions of the world
2015 - AFLplusplus, a free and fast software fuzzer
2011 - SSL-DoS, a resource exhaustion attack to take down HTTPS servers
2008 - Tools to copy and forge an ePassport (RFID passport)
2007 - Tools to receive GSM signals and to break and decode A5/1 encryption
2005 - IPv6 attack tools 
2004 - Various Microsoft ISS remote exploits
2003 - Amap, world’s first application protocol scanner
2002 - Linux Kernel-level key logger
2000 - Hydra, world’s first parallelized network logon cracker
1999 - First Solaris Kernel Module Root Kit
1998 - Reverse WWW shell as seen on Mr. Robot/TV
1995 - Plasmoid's Stack Overflow Paper and Exploit for Linux/BSD/SunOS/HP-UX
1994 - Various phreaking tools and a credit card generator for DOS and Win95
1993 - <redacted>

Beside our public work we engage with some leading IT Security companies to push security into the right and meaningful direction. We have been editor in chief of the Phrack Magazine and occasionally we speak at conferences. We have contributed to various Internet Standards through our engagement with the Internet Engineering Task Force and other organizations. We are a major donor to the EFF.

The best way to meet us is at one of the IETF meetings or a hacker convention such as HITB or the CCC Congress.

Since 1995, three of our members got arrested (0 convicted), one got raided, two received visits by the BKA (Germany’s FBI) and BND (Germany’s NSA) and one got blackmailed by the British GCHQ. Yet the very same organizations listen when we speak at conferences. And use our tools. We see ourselves as artists. We believe in Freedom, Diversity, Privacy, Security and rights for the citizens.

(We are not anti-government. We are anti-stupidity. Unfortunately there seems to be considerable overlap.)