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This is a FREE service

We run this service free of charge - it’s how we like it to be. You have been using our service for a while now. We are no company. We do this in our own spare time.

If you like this service then please show your gratitude by joining our Telegram channel and participate in our discussions. Share your ideas, your comments and your concerns. Tinker with us.

If you are a corporate or are using our service for commercial reasons or gain other financial benefits or favours then you are required to donate some big dough.

The free servers have restrictions in place. The storage, memory, processing power and bandwidth is limited. When there is a squeeze for resources we may shut down ‘free’ servers. We may destroy the storage and data if the ‘free’ server is not being used for many weeks.

Consider to upgrade your server and get some neat benefits.

Talk to us and there is a good chance that we will remove all restrictions from your server; especially if we like what you are working on.