THC Yaotp (Yet Another One-Time Pad),

 Last update 2004-08-12

 [0x01] Introduction
	Welcome to the project web site of Yaotp (Yet Another One-Time Pad),
	a tool that implements so called one-time pads and that is useful
	only to the totally paranoid geek. 
	Beside the boring en- and decryption the core features include: 

	   - Real random number generation by audio sampling and hashing.
	     Generated data passes the DIEHARD RNG test suite. 

	   - Automatic sanity check of random data using statistic values
	     (mean, deviation, entropy) to avoid sampling EMI noise or

	   - Key management that enforces one-time usage and irreproducible
	     key destruction similar to secure-delete

	   - Obligatory message compression, checksumming, uuencoding and
	     PGP-like ASCII output

	   - No whistles and bells, but a tool for the true security
	     fanatic. (Maybe even NSA-resistent)

 [0x02] Documentation
	Before you start wondering about one-time pads and their practical
	impact, consult the Yaotp documentation and learn about all the
	drawbacks, the tricky key generation and the key management.  

	The Yaotp documentation also contains a quick tutorial for the
	nervous reader who doesn't want to waste free time learning
	background details.

 [0x03] Boring Screenshot

 [0x04] Example message

        And the corresponding test.key
	Key file: test.key
	   Total key size:      8192
	   Available key size:  8192
	   Creation time:       Thu Aug  5 16:14:55 2004
	   Key label:           Test Key

	You can decrypt the above message by downloading this page and the
	key and executing Yaotp with the following options:
		$ wget
		$ wget
		$ cat index.html | yaotp -k test.key -d -v

 [0x05] Source
         Current version 0.1

 [0x06] Contributions
        The current version of Yaotp does only support the classical Linux
        sound device interface. Contributions of implementations for other
        sound device interfaces, e.g. OpenBSD, Solaris, MacOS X and video
        device support are very welcome.
 Comments and suggestions are welcome.

 Yours sincerly,

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