A modular application to bruteforce check digit algorithms

 Last update 2003-08-31

 [0x01] Introduction

	Welcome to the mini website of the THC Shagg project. THC-Shagg is a
	modular application to bruteforce check digit algorithms. It can be
	used to gain information about serial numbers that use check digit
	algorithms. Once THC-Shagg has analysed a set of serial numbers and
	found matching check digit algorithms, it is able to generate
	complete new serial numbers using a saved file containg the matched

	This page demonstrates the use of THC-Shagg in "daily" life and lists
	some serial numbers, that have been successfully analysed using Shagg

 [0x02] Documentation 
        THC-Shagg comes with a rather long README file that describes the
        details about the analysis and generation of serial numbers with
        check digits. Before you continue, read this file. The README file
        also lists all available command line options and how to use them.

 [0x03] Development & Contributions

        You've found some serial numbers and were able to analyse the check
        digit algorithms using Shagg. You've some new ideas, you know
        something about fresh or still un-implemented check digit
        algorithms. Contribute! And help us making THC Shagg more powerful.
        Feel free to drop an email to Plasmoid,
        If you are interested in joining THC, why not write some new classes
        for THC-Shagg or extend the current version to analyse Web session
        IDs or other serial numbers?  The source code for THC-Shagg is
        bundled with the current release, so that you can compile it
        yourself, if you want to.

 [0x04] Examples	
	Following are examples that are bundled with releases of THC-Shagg. 
	If you haven't unjar'ed the java archive, those examples might be
	new to you. All examples are artificial and have not been take from
	the real world. It is necessary to note that especially the fake
	VISA numbers are artificial and unusable.

	Serial numbers    | Found setup                 | Matched States File
	  Fake VISAs      | XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Mod10 CC | fake-visa.mst
	  MOD10-7 Numbers | XXXXXXXXXXXXXC Mod10        | mod10-7.mst
                          | XXXXXXCXXXXXXC Mod7         |
	If you like to play with the above examples, you can use the
	provided files of matched state to generate new numbers from the
	same type and re-run THC-Shagg over the new numbers:

        Generating new serial numbers from a matched state file
	   $ java -jar shagg.jar -g mod10-7.mst > new.lst

        Analysing the new list and store a new file of matched states
           $ java -jar shagg.jar -s new.mst new.lst
        Displaying old and new files of matched state
           $ java -jar shagg.jar -g -L mod10-8.mst
           $ java -jar shagg.jar -g -L new.mst

        Usually the states of both files should match, but it is possible 
        that the new file "new.mst" contains even more states. 

 [0x05] Screenshots


        (1) THC-Shagg displaying analysed check digit configurations for 
            a set of german Personal ID Card numbers. 
        (2) THC-Shagg at work crunching over a set of sample serial numbers.

 [0x06] Real World Serials
	The table below shows a list of serial numbers that were success-
	fully analysed using THC-Shagg. 
	All serial numbers have been found within the web, no persons have
	been robbed or cheated to give out these numbers. People have put
	these numbers on private homepages, ebay auctions, etc...

	We at THC are relatively sure that presenting some of these serial
	numbers, the check digit algorithm they use and a file for the
	generation of new serial number is not illegal. However we will
	remove those serial numbers immediatly, if this turns out to be not
	Don't ask for serial numbers such as credit or calling cards as you
	already know that generating fake credit cards is definitely illegal
	in _YOUR_ country, wherever you live.

	Serial numbers                                | Matched States File
          IMEI numbers for Nokia mobile phones        | nokia-imei.mst
	  EAN UCC numbers for some software products  | ean-ucc.mst
	  ISBN numbers for some unix books            | isbn.mst
          Personal ID Card numbers from Germany       | perso.mst   

        Keep it shaggin'.

 Comments and suggestions are welcome.

 Yours sincerly,

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