THC T-Shirt Contest 2011

 Last update 2011-04-05

 [0x00] News
        First announcement - thats the news :-)

 [0x01] Introduction

	For the first time, THC starts a t-shirt design contest.
	In the former years, different THC members designed a yearly THC shirt.
	We had some very cool shirts (see the shirt history below) however this
	year is special.

	For the first time ever, we are announcing an open contest of who submits
	the coolest THC t-shirt theme!

 [0x02] The Rules

	1. You must submit your contest design until the 8th of May. If you
	   need more time, the THC team can extend the submission limit on an
	   individual basis only - so send an email if you need more time.
	2. Submit entries must be made to
	3. Submit format is EPS only!
	4. A maximum of 4 colours plus white and black can be used, however less is more.

	5. No usage of copyright protected material unless you hold the copyright yourself.
	6. When submitting your design, you allow THC a time unrestricted, non-profit usage of the design.

	7. You keep the copyright.
	8. The THC members vote internally on which design wins.
	9. Everybody can submit.
 [0x03] The Win

	The winner gets the shirt with his winning design delivered to any place in the world for free.
	This is the only way to receive a genuine THC shirt if you are not a close friend of us :-)
	Additionally, you will get the next THC shirt for free as well (approx. Summer 2012).

	Some free beer at the next conference/camp the winner shows up where we are too.

	And: FAME. lots of it. 

 [0x04] THC T-Shirt History

[0x05] Questions and Contact Send to The Hackers Choice