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- ../    28-Jul-2015 12:30:01    4k    0xa5e92b5c

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-    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    7k    0xcd2c32a8

THC database fingerprinting tools (THCoraver and THCDB2Info) by jc.

-    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    443k    0xe3b9a3db

Windows tool that checks the remote ssl stack for supported ciphers and version.

-    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    443k    0x2781fabd

Small commandline SSL proxy for windows useful for pentesting SSL services like HTTPS, SMTPS, LDAPS, POP3S etc.

- THCbindinfo.c    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    5k    0x6a820dd4

Tool that grabs the version of ISC bind 8+9 even if the banner has been disguised

- THCsmbgetOS.c    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    6k    0x48d59d4d

Tool that identifies the remote OS by using smb port 139

- ciscocrack.c    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    2k    0x854e26ae

Decodes cisco IOS type-7 password hashes (others call this cisco-password-cracker).

-    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    2k    0x4221aa23

Convert cutted .c 8.3 format files into proper unix files (you need this to fix you stolen cisco sources :>)

- irc-prolet.bx    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    3k    0x7071bcfc

A use(less|ful) script for BitchX that supports fake messages, fake dcc requests, fake invitations and randomized ctcp versions.

-    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    2k    0x9d4bd60c

Shows accessible smb-netbios shares on a given ip-range.

- thc_imap_bruter.c    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    7k    0x8a93e1d2

Very fast and parallized imap (port 143) login brute force tool.

- thc_ssh_crack.c    29-Oct-2006 20:33:13    2k    0x92d5416d

Simple ssh private key file cracker (brute force)

- vmap.tar.gz    25-Nov-2009 04:46:05    59k    0x1920976b