THC-SCAN VIDEO - An explanation from an expert

The Hack-Counter Hack Training Course from Ed Skoudis is an interactive CD-ROM. It consists of 2 CD's and is divided into six parts:

  1. Overview and Building a Hacker Tool Analysis Laboratory
  2. Reconnaissance
  3. Scanning
  4. Gaining Access
  5. Maintaining Access
  6. Covering the Tracks

Each chapter has different sub-chapters with several videos in quicktime where the author, Ed Skoudis, explains the technology and methods used. For example, in chapter 3, Scanning, Ed explains the following topics:

  • Understanding Scanning Techniques
  • Search for modems using THC-Scan (Thats why I got my hands on a copy)
  • Develop a network map using cheops-ng
  • Conduct a port scan using nmap
  • Scan for vulnerabilities using nmap.

I found the CD pretty interesting, even though it didn't cover much new stuff for me. But if you are interested in security stuff and don't know where to start, this CD is *definitely* worth a look. It's not a "boring book" and the author is able to explain things very well with a nice and clear voice. Since you also see examples at the computer, it is much easier to comprehend the lessons.

To show you a bit, we got the permission to publish the 13 minutes video about THC-Scan. Ever wanted to know how it works? Don't write us mails anymore, but download this video and be inspired. Of course, the quality of the videos on the CD is *much* better but we had to downsize it to a downloadable size.

For more information, please click here: Hack-Counter Hack Training Course

To download the video, please click here (DivX 3.11).

Wilkins 2002-08-07