Upon request we use the phun section to publish some of the drain-bamaged mails we received during the last years. Some of them have been written in German others in awesome English, whatever, we enjoyed each.

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- animals.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    593    0x1c6e468d

Do you like animals? Selim does. He has created multiple websites about animals (are we talking about zoo* things?) Nevertheless, he got "hacked his everything" and requests help. Woof, woof.

- cleanfun.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    262    0x13794b62

Fraudmaster wanna join. A short and fine mail. Joining THC can be simple, just keep this rule in mind: Money makes the world go round.

- drwoo.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    2k    0xed9f9407

Dr. Woo is really a sick expert able to receive password files just through the power of his evil thoughts. Whoa.

- encrypt.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    557    0x364e170d

Hans is someone really willing to learn, willing to work hard, willing to fight for success, only one challenge remains, what the heck means "encrypt".

- freesex.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    993    0xca2dcc9a

The Free Sex Problem. This funky mail was sent to us from lovely geek girl Nadine, who enjoys exciting sites during every days boring work.

- klaus1.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    707    0xc08142c8

The incredible Klaus #1. Klaus is one of those over-skilled admins, suffering from all those script-kiddies and wannabee hackers. He's a true hero and damn he's angry.

- klaus2.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    659    0xec3518a3

The incredible Klaus #2. Klaus is really, really angry. In case you missed the message, Klaus is bad and Klaus is gonna fuck THC. Right now!

- klaus3.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    296    0x24f28abe

The incredible Klaus #3. The incredible Klaus is tracing the lines, gettin' the clue. No one is as clever as Klaus. He's going to bust those dumb THC asses. Yes.

- musclechicks.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    2k    0xb1790d65

Bruce, 41, married, 2 children, isn't interested in hacking. No! He just want to leech all those great muscle chick images and complete his porn collection.

- neverhelp.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    506    0xdb3d0779

"Aha fugo" has a problem. People refuse to help mankind, nobody cares for the inner needs of his next. Anyway we didn't get the message though, but we noticed the kudoz part.

- passwordxp.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    567    0x443d88aa

A sad mail: Your best friend dies and all you want to do is get into his computer to save his company. THC can help!

- shadow.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    536    0x23000a0d

Todays technology has never been more efficient. Security is currently at its best, coders are able to store passwords in just one "x". Amazing!

- stepbystep.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    436    0x57c87644

This sender was so shy, so gentle, so teasing, charming, nice. He asked for 3 small favors, and yes, we send them all to /dev/null.

- waste.mail.txt    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    283    0x2004813a

An all time favorite. This guy from Spain asked something, wrote something and finally ... yes! Hmmm, OK.