Welcome to the little phun corner of The Hacker's Choice. In this directory you will find amusing things that might light up your boring hacker life including code snippets, weird emails and so on.

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- april/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0x74c26a58

The 1st of April is a funny day and because THC is funny group of nerds, we always find the time for a small but leet joke.

- mails/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0xdf1ae1b9

THC receives a lot of emails everyday. This directory contains an assorted set of really funny mails asking for membership, hacking Hotmail, etc. Have a look.

- stego-challenge/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0xbf9c0d94
- video/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0x1a38e385

Incredible - but THC-Scan is used by real security professionals, see a 13 minute educational video clip explaining how to use THC-Scan for penetration testing.

- wap/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0x7053bb5b

Experimental WAP service. Get the latest news from our site right onto your mobile phone using the WAP protocol. It rocks.

- deep-phreakin_(1999_remix).mp3    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    3M    0x6b34009c

A true classic: "Phreakin". The song by Plasmoid and Tronics was recorded in 1999 for the Drinking Evil Elite Phreakers (dEEP). Plasmoid performed a ridiculous rap and Tronics added the chorus vocals.

- stego-challenge.html    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    12k    0x7ea06269

THC Steganographic Challenge. A competition divided into 6 stages that will require all your skills and finally give you the fame you deserve including a nice prize.

- unmaintain.html    29-Oct-2006 20:33:12    133k    0xaf277075

How To Write Unmaintainable Code. If you follow this essay religiously, you will guarantee yourself a lifetime of employment, since no one but you has a hope in hell of maintaining your code.