Below you will find a collection of useful, interesting and nifty documents that have been assorted by THC members. Including several specifications, manuals and articles. This collection is definitely worth a long visit.

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- communication_interception/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:17    4k    0x48cd5de7

Infoz on Echelon, NSA and other Spyagencies and their capabilities.

- cryptography/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:17    4k    0x0673d738

This directory contains a small collection of papers, specifications and standards related to cryptography and cryptographic algorithms. Some implementations are also available.

- exploit_analysis/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:17    4k    0x889d76b6

This directory contains a collection of analyses from different companies about the exploits THC members have written.

- exploit_writing/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:18    4k    0x475dfb62

A little collection of articles, papers and drafts related to exploit writing and analysis, e.g. stack and heap overflows or shellcodes.

- intrusion_detection/    02-Jul-2015 05:30:01    4k    0x87391f31

This directory comprises a set of interesting papers on intrusion detection research ranging from host-based anomaly detection to net-based worm signature generation.

- loadable_kernel_modules/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:19    4k    0x39d53f85

A collection of documents covering the development and (ab)use of loadable kernel modules under Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

- signaling_systems/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:19    4k    0x821767d3

Specifications for the signaling systems C4, C5, C6, C7 and R2. A fine resource for those still involved in blue boxing and phreaking techniques.

- solaris_security/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0x3a408f4b

This directory contains a bunch of documents related to the Solaris OE and its security including several official documents from Sun.

- foiling-the-cracker.pdf    29-Oct-2006 20:33:08    45k    0xb82d16d9

A Survery of, and Improvements to, Password Security. A classical must read.

- smart-questions.html    29-Oct-2006 20:33:08    82k    0x3154b3db

Learn how to ask smart questions to "hackers" and how to get satisfactory replies.