Welcome to THC's content management system entitled "/root". The system uses semi-structured data organized in a filesystem-like fashion. If you know of any addition to our collection of data, let us know.

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- docs/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0x8e228cde

This directory contains a collection of useful, interesting and nifty documents that have been assorted by THC members. Whenever possible the collection is updated.

- phun/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0xcc0b982c

In this directory you will find amusing things that might light up your boring hacker life including code snippets, weird emails and so on.

- scans/    02-Sep-2007 05:15:20    4k    0x79226807

Carrier and voice scans from different areas created by THC members and friends. Phreakers are welcome to send us new scans!

- tools/    25-Nov-2009 04:55:32    4k    0x5b2fbc06

A collection of several tools that either have been written by third parties or by THC members but haven't made it to the release section.

- .rhosts    29-Oct-2006 20:33:08    32    0x45c9e9c9