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Welcome to the THC release section. Below you will find the collection of THC software applications. It includes sophisticated network analysis and penetration test tools, cryptographic utilities and a lot of other interesting stuff for the security expert's pleasure.

* THC-LEAPcracker
Version: 0.1Date: 2004-02-10OS: UnixSize: 170kb

The THC LEAP Cracker Tool suite contains tools to break the NTChallengeResponse encryption technique e.g. used by Cisco Wireless LEAP Authentication. Also tools for spoofing challenge-packets from Access Points are included, so you are able to perform dictionary attacks against all users.

* THC-LoginHacker
Version: 1.1Date: 1996-04-14OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 147kb

Powerfull script language to hack terminal logins via dictionary- or bruteforce-hacking. Configurable for telnet and dialup hacking, extreme large command base.

* THC-ManipulateData
Version: 1.3Date: 2004-07-21OS: UnixSize: 6kb

Search data on a harddisk/partition/file, extract the part you are interested in, and write it back after you modified it. Useful to find and modify really all unencrypted Logfiles on a system. Does everything in RAW mode, and hence does not tamper a/m/ctimes.

* THC-Orakel [New]
Version: 1.0Date: 2007-06-02OS: Windows/WineSize: 6776kb
* Project website: /thc-orakel

THC-Orakel is a tool suite for analysis of the database authentication mechanism used in Oracle products. Provided are utilities for sniffing and breaking authentication password on the wire within seconds.

* THC-Orakel Crackert 11g [New]
Version: 1.0Date: 2007-09-25OS: Windows/WineSize: 4354kb
* Project website: /thc-orakelcrackert11g

The first publicly available full blown cracker for Oracle 11g. This tool can crack passwords which are stored using the latest SHA1 based password hashing algorithm. To speed up cracking, the tool exploits a weakness in the Oracle password storage strategy. Therfore, cracking - for most passwords - is still just as fast as it was before the introduction of Oralce 11g.

* THC-Parasite
Version: 1.2Date: 2002-07-11OS: UnixSize: 56kb

THC-Parasite v1.2 allows you to sniff on switched networks by performing ARP man-in-the-middle spoofing. Selective targets, DOS and various other features present. Changes: Now running on Solaris and OpenBSD as well! :-)

* THC-PassID
Version: 1.0Date: 2000-01-31OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 25kb

THC-PassID is a small application that will generate serial numbers for german passports (identity cards). Also included is a small article how to calculate such serial numbers. This tool and article proves that xxx-site shouldn't rely on serial numbers for age verification.

* THC-PBXHacker
Version: 1.1Date: 1995-11-24OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 59kb

A tool to automatically hack any pbx, handles up to 10 different pbx numbers with features like random dialing, random dial/tone speed and length, completely programmable and much more. This will trick out any pattern detection switch.

* THC-pptp-bruter
Version: 0.1.4Date: 2005-01-05OS: UnixSize: 63kb

Brute force program against pptp vpn endpoints (tcp port 1723). Fully standalone. Supports latest MSChapV2 authentication. Tested against Windows and Cisco gateways. Exploits a weakness in Microsoft's anti-brute force implementation which makes it possible to try 300 passwords the second.

* THC-PrintDates
Version: 1.2Date: 1995-11-25OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 40kb

Small program that generates date combinates in order to crack passwords via dicitionary cracking.

* THC-Probe
Version: 4.1Date: 1999-12-29OS: LinuxSize: 644kb

The ultimate host scanner compilation for Linux, featuring nmap, snmpscan, netbios auditing tool and super-cool vh shell script.

* THC-RA Hacking Kit 1
Version: 1Date: 1996-05-18OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 68kb

Backdoors, viris, traps and explainations for RemoteAccess BBS hacking. Sophisticated ways of getting hidden into BBS systems. Issue #1

* THC-RA Hacking Kit 2
Version: 2Date: 1997-01-08OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 42kb

Backdoors, viris, traps and explainations for RemoteAccess BBS hacking. Sophisticated ways of getting hidden into BBS systems. Issue #2

* THC-Rut
Version: 1.2.5Date: 2003-05-30OS: UnixSize: 652kb
* Project website: /thc-rut

THC-RUT (aRe yoU There, pronouced as root) is your first knife on foreign network. It gathers informations from local and remote networks. It offers a wide range of network discovery tools: arp lookup on an IP range, spoofed DHCP request, RARP, BOOTP, ICMP-ping, ICMP address mask request, OS fingerprintings, high-speed host discovery, ... The tool is capable of discovering a Class B network within 10 minutes.

Version: 2.0Date: 2002-01-24OS: UnixSize: 5kb

The Reverse-WWW-Tunnel-Backdoor is proof-of-concept Perl program for the paper "Placing Backdoors through Firewalls". It allows communicating with a shell through firewalls and proxy servers by imitating webtraffic. The master/slave relation is reversed, therefore no listening ports are used on the target machine.

* THC-Scan
Version: 2.01Date: 2005-10-01OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 528kb

For the 10th anniversary of THC here is a special update for THC-Scan: Recompiled to run on modern computers without problems. A new version of world´s best free wardialer/scanner. THC-Scan v2.01 is working under DOS, Win95/98/NT/2K/XP and all DOS emulators (UNiX) on all 80x86 processors. ODBC databank support, completely automated tone, carrier, vmb scanning, large palette of analysing tools included. Comes with full source code.

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