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Welcome to the THC release section. Below you will find the collection of THC software applications. It includes sophisticated network analysis and penetration test tools, cryptographic utilities and a lot of other interesting stuff for the security expert's pleasure.

* THC-Shagg
Version: 0.2.0Date: 2003-07-18OS: UnixSize: 135kb
* Project website: /thc-shagg

THC-Shagg is an application to bruteforce check digit algorithms. It analyses a given list of serial numbers and tries to find a matching algorithm and its setup. If such a setup is found, THC-Shagg is able to generate (extrapolate) new serial numbers, e.g. VISA and MasterCard credit card numbers, EAN numbers, IMEI, UPC or even EFT routing numbers.

* THC-Keyfinder
Version: 1.0Date: 2005-02-13OS: UnixSize: 10kb

Keyfinder analyses files for public/private keys, encrypted or compressed data. It identified such areas by measuring the entropy, arithemtical mean and counter checking, and dumps appropriate file sections.

* THC Nokia Phone Unlock
Version: 1.0Date: 2006-09-13OS: SymbianSize: 70kb
* Project website: /thc-nokia-unlock

Removes the PHONE LOCK from Nokia mobile phones (6630, 6680, ...). A design flaw and an undocumented feature is exploited to trigger a hard reset even if the phone is locked.

* THC-UnixHackingTools
Version: 1Date: 1998-03-20OS: UnixSize: 67kb

A compilation of needfull unix hacking tools including backdoors, tunnels, cleaners, etc written by THC members, that compile on various unix platforms.

Version: 2.0Date: 2002-01-24OS: UnixSize: 5kb

The Reverse-WWW-Tunnel-Backdoor is proof-of-concept Perl program for the paper "Placing Backdoors through Firewalls". It allows communicating with a shell through firewalls and proxy servers by imitating webtraffic. The master/slave relation is reversed, therefore no listening ports are used on the target machine.

* THC-Orakel Crackert 11g [New]
Version: 1.0Date: 2007-09-25OS: Windows/WineSize: 4354kb
* Project website: /thc-orakelcrackert11g

The first publicly available full blown cracker for Oracle 11g. This tool can crack passwords which are stored using the latest SHA1 based password hashing algorithm. To speed up cracking, the tool exploits a weakness in the Oracle password storage strategy. Therfore, cracking - for most passwords - is still just as fast as it was before the introduction of Oralce 11g.

* THC-Flood Connect
Version: 1.5Date: 2002-08-07OS: UnixSize: 4kb

Flood Connect is a connection flooding tool which supports SSL, sending + dumping data, closing or keeping sessions etc. Just a small release. Have fun.

* THC-Snooze
Version: 0.0.7Date: 2005-05-28OS: UnixSize: 93kb
* Project website: /thc-snooze

Snooze is the next-generation sniffing tool, supporting modularized protocol dissectors and remote log file retrieval. Modules are written in the high-level language LUA and are easy to develop and extend, even during runtime. Supported protocols: POP3, IMAP, FTP, RLOGIN, TELNET and others.

* THC-ManipulateData
Version: 1.3Date: 2004-07-21OS: UnixSize: 6kb

Search data on a harddisk/partition/file, extract the part you are interested in, and write it back after you modified it. Useful to find and modify really all unencrypted Logfiles on a system. Does everything in RAW mode, and hence does not tamper a/m/ctimes.

* THC-Probe
Version: 4.1Date: 1999-12-29OS: LinuxSize: 644kb

The ultimate host scanner compilation for Linux, featuring nmap, snmpscan, netbios auditing tool and super-cool vh shell script.

* THC-FuzzyFingerprint
Version: 0.0.8Date: 2003-10-25OS: UnixSize: 197kb
* Project website: /thc-ffp

This little tool generates fuzzy fingerprints as described in the corresponding paper. It is an ideal extension to man-in-the-middle attacks against the SSH service. The current version supports RSA and DSA key generation and MD5 and SHA1 fingerprints.

* THC-Vmap
Version: 0.6Date: 2003-08-10OS: UnixSize: 37kb

Vmap stands for version mapper. It allows you to find out the version of a daemon by fingerprinting the features and replys of bogus commands. It's a great addition to the other *map tools.

* THC-RA Hacking Kit 2
Version: 2Date: 1997-01-08OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 42kb

Backdoors, viris, traps and explainations for RemoteAccess BBS hacking. Sophisticated ways of getting hidden into BBS systems. Issue #2

Version: 1.0Date: 2002-03-11OS: NT4/W2KSize: 20kb

IPF is the first command line tool for configuring the packet filter of Windows NT4 and Window 2000 systems. It replaces the annoying GUI alternatives and can be used as an elegant entry for writing advanced firewall scripts under the Windows system.

* THC-PBXHacker
Version: 1.1Date: 1995-11-24OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 59kb

A tool to automatically hack any pbx, handles up to 10 different pbx numbers with features like random dialing, random dial/tone speed and length, completely programmable and much more. This will trick out any pattern detection switch.

* THC-Dialup Login Hacker (UNIX)
Version: 1.1Date: 2003-06-25OS: UnixSize: 14kb

Long, long time ago, we released a tool called Login Hacker, for penetrating dialup modems. Today we are releasing a similar and easier tool for Linux which does the same job better. All you need is UNIX and minicom. Have fun with this little release!

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