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Welcome to the THC release section. Below you will find the collection of THC software applications. It includes sophisticated network analysis and penetration test tools, cryptographic utilities and a lot of other interesting stuff for the security expert's pleasure.

* THC-FuzzyFingerprint
Version: 0.0.8Date: 2003-10-25OS: UnixSize: 197kb
* Project website: /thc-ffp

This little tool generates fuzzy fingerprints as described in the corresponding paper. It is an ideal extension to man-in-the-middle attacks against the SSH service. The current version supports RSA and DSA key generation and MD5 and SHA1 fingerprints.

* THC-Vmap
Version: 0.6Date: 2003-08-10OS: UnixSize: 37kb

Vmap stands for version mapper. It allows you to find out the version of a daemon by fingerprinting the features and replys of bogus commands. It's a great addition to the other *map tools.

* THC-Grenzgaenger
Version: 0.3Date: 2003-08-09OS: UnixSize: 14kb

Grenzgaenger is a Socks-based tool for tunneling nmap, netcat and exploits transparently through systems into protected networks. This tool is in ALPHA state!

* THC-Shagg
Version: 0.2.0Date: 2003-07-18OS: UnixSize: 135kb
* Project website: /thc-shagg

THC-Shagg is an application to bruteforce check digit algorithms. It analyses a given list of serial numbers and tries to find a matching algorithm and its setup. If such a setup is found, THC-Shagg is able to generate (extrapolate) new serial numbers, e.g. VISA and MasterCard credit card numbers, EAN numbers, IMEI, UPC or even EFT routing numbers.

* THC-Dialup Login Hacker (UNIX)
Version: 1.1Date: 2003-06-25OS: UnixSize: 14kb

Long, long time ago, we released a tool called Login Hacker, for penetrating dialup modems. Today we are releasing a similar and easier tool for Linux which does the same job better. All you need is UNIX and minicom. Have fun with this little release!

* THC-Rut
Version: 1.2.5Date: 2003-05-30OS: UnixSize: 652kb
* Project website: /thc-rut

THC-RUT (aRe yoU There, pronouced as root) is your first knife on foreign network. It gathers informations from local and remote networks. It offers a wide range of network discovery tools: arp lookup on an IP range, spoofed DHCP request, RARP, BOOTP, ICMP-ping, ICMP address mask request, OS fingerprintings, high-speed host discovery, ... The tool is capable of discovering a Class B network within 10 minutes.

* THC-Flood Connect
Version: 1.5Date: 2002-08-07OS: UnixSize: 4kb

Flood Connect is a connection flooding tool which supports SSL, sending + dumping data, closing or keeping sessions etc. Just a small release. Have fun.

* THC-Parasite
Version: 1.2Date: 2002-07-11OS: UnixSize: 56kb

THC-Parasite v1.2 allows you to sniff on switched networks by performing ARP man-in-the-middle spoofing. Selective targets, DOS and various other features present. Changes: Now running on Solaris and OpenBSD as well! :-)

Version: 1.0Date: 2002-03-11OS: NT4/W2KSize: 20kb

IPF is the first command line tool for configuring the packet filter of Windows NT4 and Window 2000 systems. It replaces the annoying GUI alternatives and can be used as an elegant entry for writing advanced firewall scripts under the Windows system.

Version: 2.0Date: 2002-01-24OS: UnixSize: 5kb

The Reverse-WWW-Tunnel-Backdoor is proof-of-concept Perl program for the paper "Placing Backdoors through Firewalls". It allows communicating with a shell through firewalls and proxy servers by imitating webtraffic. The master/slave relation is reversed, therefore no listening ports are used on the target machine.

* THC-WarDrive
Version: 2.3Date: 2001-10-27OS: LinuxSize: 27kb

THC-WarDrive is a tool for mapping your city for wavelan networks with a GPS device while you are driving a car or walking through the streets. It is effective and flexible, a "must-download" for all wavelan nerds.

Version: 1.0Date: 2001-09-11OS: Windows NT/2000Size: 34kb

CUPASS uses techniques to guess the password of ANY user on a WindowsNT/W2K server or domain. CUPASS uses a flaw in the implementation of Microsofts NetUserChangePassword API to guess/change the users password. This release is the proof of concept code for the THC paper "CUPASS and the NetUserChangePassword Problem"

* THC-Credit
Version: 1.91Date: 2001-03-30OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 55kb

World´s best Credit Card Generator, checks and generates over hundreds of different card types including newest bank ids and standards. For all you horny guys who always wanted an account at Amateurs or Dirtybird, NOW supporting magnetic card reader and writer for MASTER/VISA/EC/etc cards.

* THC-PassID
Version: 1.0Date: 2000-01-31OS: DOS/DOSemuSize: 25kb

THC-PassID is a small application that will generate serial numbers for german passports (identity cards). Also included is a small article how to calculate such serial numbers. This tool and article proves that xxx-site shouldn't rely on serial numbers for age verification.

* THC-Probe
Version: 4.1Date: 1999-12-29OS: LinuxSize: 644kb

The ultimate host scanner compilation for Linux, featuring nmap, snmpscan, netbios auditing tool and super-cool vh shell script.

* THC-HappyBrowser
Version: 0.9Date: 1999-10-20OS: Windows/WineSize: 278kb

HappyBrowser can be used by every person who wants to check an NT-Server/Webserver for known vulnerabilities, without the need of having deep security knowhow. "Securing while surfing" is the motto.

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