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The members of The Hacker's Choice have published a lot of technical papers covering nearly the full pallette of today's security. As a matter of fact some of the papers written in the mid and late 90s might appear a little bit dusty, but we believe you still may learn from them.

* Hackers go corporate
Version: 1.0Date: 2001-09-03Language: englishSize: 18kb

How to overcome pitfalls when (partially) changing from black- to whitehat.

* CUPASS and the NetUserChangePassword problem
Version: 1.0Date: 2001-08-13Language: englishSize: 20kb

Discussion of things worth knowing about the NetUserChangePassword problem.

* Attacking Solaris with Loadable Kernel Modules
Version: 1.0Date: 1999-12-20Language: englishSize: 55kb

Implementing kernel-based hiding and backdoors using Solaris loadable kernel module.

* Anonymizing Unix Systems
Version: 1.0Date: 1999-10-07Language: englishSize: 35kb

Techniques to protect and anonymize sensitive data on Unix systems including concepts for filesystems, network traffic and system memory.

* Attacking FreeBSD with Kernel Modules
Version: 1.0Date: 1999-07-01Language: englishSize: 143kb

Backdooring the FreeBSD kernel with loadable kernel modules. This article is an extension of the previous article focusing on Linux LKMs.

* Placing Backdoors Through Firewalls
Version: 1.0Date: 1999-05-03Language: englishSize: 18kb

Circumventing firewall systems by using reverse communication to protected systems.

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