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The members of The Hacker's Choice have published a lot of technical papers covering nearly the full pallette of today's security. As a matter of fact some of the papers written in the mid and late 90s might appear a little bit dusty, but we believe you still may learn from them.

* The next level of Oracle attacks [New]
Version: 1.0Date: 2007-06-02Language: EnglishSize: 286kb

This paper focuses on new threats on one of the most popular database platforms: Oracle. It demonstrates novel attacks against the authentication scheme by exploiting a design flaw in the implementation of key exchange, which enable an attacker to crack sniffed passwords in a matter of seconds.

* Attacking the IPv6 Protocol Suite
Version: 1.0Date: 2006-10-31Language: EnglishSize: 373kb

Talk presenting inherent protocol weaknesses of IPv6 and ICMP6. Beside a short introducing to IPv6, it covers techniques for scanning, redirection, DoS, man-in-the-middle and a lot more under IPv6.

* Practical SEH exploitation
Version: 1.0Date: 2004-02-18Language: englishSize: 922kb

Paper covering how to exploit the structured exception handler (SEH) on windows platforms including a step-by-step guide.

* Fuzzy Fingerprints
Version: 1.0Date: 2002-09-05Language: englishSize: 42kb
* Project website: /thc-ffp

Introduction to the fuzzy fingerprint technique that is an extension to MITM attacks.

* Linux/390 Shellcode Development
Version: 1.0Date: 2002-07-23Language: englishSize: 20kb

Phrack article uncovering how to develop stable shellcodes for the Linux/390 platform.

* Writing Linux Kernel Keylogger
Version: 1.0Date: 2002-07-23Language: englishSize: 41kb

Phrack article discussing several methods for kernel-based keylogging on Linux systems.

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