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Here you will find the latest news about THC's activities including the publication of releases and papers, news about members and information about interesting events THC members are participating in. Last but not least there are also some fun and weird news from the net, that might interest you. Check back often to stay informed.


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* Mon, Apr 28, 2008
12:05:00 - CommunitySupport

THC is proud of hosting BlueMaho, a Bluetooth Security Testing Suite. If you want to have your project hosted on THCs wiki contact us. If it kicks ass we host it.

* Wed, Apr 16, 2008
11:55:00 - THC

From now on THC is sharing their thoughts with you! Read and comment on our new blog.

* Thu, Mar 13, 2008
10:42:23 - gamma

THC is proud to announce the SIM Toolkit Research Project. We are looking for talented people. The goal is to uncover secrets of the SIM card and learn how it really works.

* Sat, Nov 10, 2007
18:14:00 - Dimitri

THC is proud to announce that the GSM Software Project and the A5 Cracking Project are featured in the German press (computer magazine c't). A 2 page article explaining the goals and techniques of both projects is published this monday. An online version of the article is available below. It's an Open Project! Join us today!

* Mon, Sep 3, 2007
19:07:00 - Dimitri

Dear visitors, dear fans and supporters of THC. As a consequence of the new German law on 'hacking tools', THC (The Hacker's Choice) decided to re-structure its team and split into a German and Freeworld division. German members will not continue to develop and distribute THC releases and papers, which might be illegal. To give the German members a place to express their opinion and post news, we initiated a German THC website.

* Wed, Aug 15, 2007
18:59:57 - Yang

The CCC Camp07 GSM Software Project and A5 Cracking Project Talk is available. First half of the talk is an introduction into GSM interception. Second half presents a new method for cracking the GSM encryption A5/1. This is a new attack that can crack any encrypted channel (SMS, Voice) within 3-5 minutes regardless of how long the conversation is (e.g. can crack a telephone conversation that only lasts 4 seconds). The final version of this attack will be presented at DeepSec/Austria in November.

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