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Welcome to the official THC web site. THC is an acronym for 'The Hacker's Choice' and a group of international experts involved in network and system security. The group looks back on a long history, it was founded in 1995 and published over 70 technical papers and software releases covering a wide range of computer security aspects. Currently, THC is among the top non-commercial security groups worldwide.

Recent News

* Fri, Jul 15, 2011
05:06:00 - vanHauser

Hydra v6.5 is now available! New: default password list script, major http-form module improvements (user defined http headers, cookie learning URL, intelligent cookie learning, etc.) - now works againt OWA :-), plus bugfixes

* Thu, Jun 16, 2011
04:06:00 - vanHauser

Hydra v6.4 is now available with module enhancements and bugfixes

* Wed, May 18, 2011
13:37:00 - vH

THC T-Shirts for 2011 can now be ordered. Orders must be made until the 20th of May 1pm CET. Email vanHauser AtTheGlorious T-Shirts are reserved for friends and the coolest of the coolest. If you are unsure if you qualify as friend chances are you dont.

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THC does not stop when you pull the plug. We have scheduled real-life meetings to discuss matter of importance. THC members have participated in the following events (move your mouse over the images).

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